More hikers found dead as heatwave persists

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I struggle to understand why anyone would want to go hiking in this heat, it’s awful that people have died. I go outside for a minute it’s a struggle with the summer heat :sweat:


you can be an avid hiker, be in great physical condition, and think you are fully prepared to hike out there in dangerous temperatures. mother nature would like a word.


Because they’re good and experienced hikers, so “it can’t happen to them” :tm:

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Frankly, “Valley of Fire” does not sound like a terrifically appealing place for a hike in any weather.



Nor does “Death Valley,” but look at all the tourons flocking there. Something something comet, dinosaurs, etc.


For work i occasionally need to go on site to talk to developers, and oftentimes just being out in the heat for 5-10 minutes and not even doing any physical activity i can feel pretty worn out by the time i get back indoors. In this weather if i wanted to be adventurous i would just walk around the block in my neighborhood :sweat_smile:


For the benefit of those who think in Celsius, 118F is about 48C. Which… honestly doesn’t help me much. It’s just so ludicrously off-the-charts hot that I can’t even imagine it. I wouldn’t be voluntarily spending any time out in the sun, I can tell you that much.


I’ve posted this before but it seems appropriate to this situation



While true, the name refers to the fact that the area is made up of iron-rich sandstone. So all the stone and the sand look like they’re on fire. It’s a beautiful place…but I grew up in the area and you could not PAY me to be up there in the middle of summer. The one time my Girl Scout troop went camping up there, I’m pretty sure it was October. And the early 90s.


OAT - why, oh why, does everyone take every photo in portrait orientation? We have two people flanking a sign, which is an image that is clearly wider than it is tall. Why is the person with the phone holding it upright?

Oh, wait. Heat. The first thing that melts is your sense of composition.

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