More on the Ames window illusion

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Usually I can get my brain to see through an optical illusion (after it’s explained, and with some effort). No such luck here.

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Wow. That fellow is one amazing presenter.

About halfway through this, I began to think about the ballot box as a placebo button, and the perceptual tricks used to keep people coming back to jobs they hate.

“But how is that different from what Qanon is spouting?” (Objected my Jiminy Cricket conscience)

…Qanon and its ilk likes to posit that it stands in the one privileged viewpoint that correctly sees the entire setup. Where I don’t imagine I can see what’s really going on, I just mistrust the conclusions I’m being invited to support.

My hunch is that as cisgendered/white/abled people learn to trust the lived experience and secondhand accounts of those who don’t look or act like themselves… we will -all of us - be collectively harder to fool.

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