More psychedelic-y demo version of The Beatles' "Norwegian Wood"

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If you pay attention to the lyrics, you come to understand that the song is about burning down a girl’s apartment because she won’t sleep with him.


Was this the fire that killed Paul?

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Does adding tambura make a song “psychedelic-y”? (or is it just George banging on the sympathetic strings?)

It’s certainly not about Norwegian forests, which I realised only recently when I walked through one and thought “I should listen to Norwegian Wood”.

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I always thought she OD’d and then he burned the place down.



Putting things in 5/4 definitely makes them more “psychedelic-y”.

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I had a manager who was from Norway… I understand his wife really liked Norwegian Wood.

That name sounds familiar but I can’t seem to place it.

My innocent interpretation of it (I first heard the song when I was 12) was that he lit a fire in her fireplace. It’s only years later I heard that most people figured he was burning down her house.

Coupling the violent interpretation of the song with the album closer “Run For Your Life” the tone of Rubber Soul shifts somewhat into toxic masculinity territory (thanx John!).

His friend posted it to Facebook, where he saw it for the first time. He made no comment about how long it had been on Youtube - where there are comments a lot older than 7 months, FYI.

But welcome. :wink:

Huh. I always thought it referred to getting high. She didn’t want to have sex and bailed, so he sparked up a joint.

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“Norwegian Wood” and “Getting Better” are two songs where the misogynist lyrics are a real drag since they are great songs otherwise. I guess the singer in Getting Better is trying to no longer beat his girlfriend, or keep her away from the things that she loves - that must count for something.

The rhythm section in the left channel during the verses is so good.

The Book “Norwegian Wood” has no Sitar, but is an excellent winter read:

Norwegian Wood: Chopping, Stacking, and Drying Wood the Scandinavian Way

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