"Smells Like Teen Spirit" played on a Korean gayageum


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That’s fantastic.

Now I want to hear it played on a Serbian guzle.


love love love

David, have I seen you suggest personal playlists before? Do you have anything we can go check out?



There’s more Teen Spirits here than you can shake a stick at:


(although I was hoping to find the Yat-Kha throat-singing version - maybe it’s in here)


Wish the audio of the gayageum was isolated. I assume the bass I heard wasn’t from the instrument? (same with the drums).


I didn’t really like this last month either.


Lovely, I love what the vibrato adds.

There’s more here (scroll about 1/4 down) than you can shake a cat at:


My favorites are Dokaka (obnoxious high weirdness!) and The Bad Plus (sounds like real jazz instead of parody). Also Rumal Noorkuu for turning the riff into “Ring-Ding G’Dang G’Dang”

(as for the rest of the page, your welcome, if you have a shred of a sense of humor there goes the rest of your day week!)


Well there goes my Friday night.

So far Finnish midnight oil leads the favourites, Cantonese YMCA in close second.

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