"Smells Like Teen Spirit" in a major key becomes a delightful pop punk ditty


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aaaand having access to the isolated vocal track continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. See also Symphonic Teen Spirit with vocals.


Wait, wasn’t it already “a fine pop punk ditty”?


It was the saddest of all keys.


It’s like a really angry Smashmouth. :exploding_head:


You mean becomes the garbage corporate radio friendly “alternative” rock of the late 90s like Everclear and Third Eye Blind that I hated then and still loathe now? Cool.


Coincidentally, came across a superior cover of In Bloom last month:


It was! Listen to the bass line-- it’s basically “Louie Louie.”


Major/minor key transformations are a guilty pleasure of mine.

My all time favorite is probably this one:

The person that did this is an absolute master of major/minor conversions but they only have four videos. They are all great, though.

On YouTube, Oleg Berg has a whole channel full of major/minor conversions:

While it can be very hit or miss, there’s some pretty amazing ones.

One of my favorites (because it takes an already creepy song, and transforms the melodies to better match its lyrical content):


I’ve been enjoying this version, in which every note or chord is B flat:




Still my favorite cover:


B flat ? Surely an idea from a sick Brass Instrument player…


Thank you for pointing that out. I didn’t like it, and it’s not like I don’t have plenty of guilty pleasures in my music collection like this.


Yet somehow, it still sucks.



No volume control? Thanks, guys!


My fave cover of this:


Next up: every blues song ever with the melody bent into a major scale. (You’ll never guess how it sounds!)


This is… surprisingly good!


I would only do that key to be ironic. A major key is just what the corps like.