The Pink Panther Theme is very odd in a major key


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Wow. That is painful. It just sounds so wrong, I can’t tell if they screwed something up or if there’s no actual better way to put it in a major key, but it’s completely cacophonous to me.


Maybe it’s just me but it sounds like a musical interpretation of a depressed person trying to pretend they’re happy.


Hard pass.


I can hear the difference between things in Major and Minor Keys, but don’t understand what it means? To Wikipedia I must away!

Edit: That didn’t work… what the heck is a “third”? But then I can’t work out that whole “beats to the bar” thing either?


This should help…

If you you’re interested in learning more, this will cover some of the basics of tones…


How about Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer in a minor key?


While there are real, subjective differences between major and minor modes, it’s largely just a matter of what you’re used to hearing – transposing from a minor to major (or vice-versa) is definitely the audio version of Uncanny Valley; close enough to the original to make if just sound odd, and far enough for it to, well, sound odd too!

I’ve done it with a few of my own compositions, and without fail the transposed version sounds weird, odd, and usually unpleasant.


Going the other way - how does this sound to you then?


Musically, it sure works a lot better.


So I’m the only one who likes the minor-key variant?


That is much more horrifying than I had anticipated. :rabbit2:


I find it much more enjoyable than the original, which to me is insufferable.


It’s immensely disturbing how the scale shift changes this song. It feels so incredibly wrong.


While on the subject of scale changes, how do you make an already creepy song even creepier? Here’s your answer.


Big Brother Santa Claus is Watching


Feels like they should have dropped the tempo as well.


Sounds like the Stalker anthem…


Thanks, dude!


The original song was meant to sound like the Stalker Anthem. It gets played at 34% of all weddings, because people don’t realize.