More songs' emotional moods inverted with key changes

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“Tonight, Luko Brasi, swims with the dolphins. Apparently he is getting all choked up about it. What a great boss, Don Corleone is.”


Even with the key change the Imperial March is still pretty damn sinister.


Jack Woltz: “A pony! A pony!”


Really? If I was hearing it for the first time I’d think “new Zelda game overworld theme”.

Surprisingly, Middlesbrough officially has only one ‘o’.

It’s the strings and percussion, they set the tone for the whole piece. Plus the brass is decidedly militaristic. It’s a very specific kind of march that would require a whole new arrangement on top of a key change to take the edge off.

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It seems fitting for the worst town in England that this remains uncorrected.

Why do I have to pay a single mariachi when I have a band of them?

Fair enough. “New Zelda game overworld (battle) theme”.

Foggy Dewhurst does not approve of this tomfoolery.

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He may well not, but perhaps he needs to hear the LOTSW theme in a minor key. I know I do!
(And I’m sure Cleggy would prefer it that way.)

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