Famous sci-fi and horror themes played in major keys turn them into uplifting new age dreck


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What I thought of when I heard the X-Files theme in a major key:

…which is what I assumed Mark Mothersbaugh was going for…


Wow, the Halloween one sounds like it could come from a sequel to Chariots of Fire.

I’d like to hear this treatment given to the opening titles of Bill Malone’s 1999 remake of House on Haunted Hill. For years I used a loop of this as the entire soundtrack to a Halloween haunt.


A couple of valid points from the YouTube comments (wait… what?)

  • the Nightmare on Elm Street one is still pretty creepy
  • they all kinda sound like factory-included ring tones on a cell phone


Most of them sound to me like some kind of PSA music from the 80’s.

When in the woods, remember to abstain from sex; you never know if a serial killer could be close.

Remember: Don’t bring your woody to the woods.


I far prefer REM’s ‘Losing My Religion’ major-scaled.
Somehow more wistful.


The problem with that one lies in its multi-instrumentation.
To make a decent scale-shift on any tune it’s best to use a tune with only a single instrument, or convert the multitrack stems (if available) one instrument at a time.
If you have the stems (or a single instrumentation) then Celemony’s Melodyne makes it a pretty straightforward task.


Some of the changes can be really crazy.

Game of Thrones in a Major Key (at first it’s the same, but…)

Elvis’ Love Me Tender in Minor Key (actually, for the most part, still works)

Let it Be in Minor Key (gets to sounding really emo)

(by the way, the guy who used to do a lot of this stuff with his daughter can’t do them anymore because he’s hiding in the ruins of Donetsk trying to dodge shells. Really makes the idea of that war hit home… https://www.facebook.com/majorversusminor/posts/837777966246136)


“like” is the wrong response.
I hope he turns out okay. A talent indeed.


This is what the circle of hell filled with windows 95 machines sounds like.


Wow, that gets right jolly, doesn’t it?


On second thought it really sounds like the GoT theme might actually have been lifted from Irish fiddle songs and then transposed into a minor key…


The Gregory Brothers did key switching (both ways) with several popular songs:


I kind of like the “Saw” one. Maybe because it reminds me a little of Kate Bush’s “Cloudbusting”:


The X-Files one immediately made me think of “Secret of Mana.”


that’s exactly what I clicked-through to say. they all sound like ring tones.


There sure are a lot of these.

[quote=“nytespryte, post:15, topic:63632, full:true”]The X-Files one immediately made me think of “Secret of Mana.”[/quote]Not being particularly familiar with Secret of Mana, I thought of Earthbound. Now I kind of want to know what happens if some of Earthbound’s music gets transposed.


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