Hear how ominous YMCA sounds in minor key

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Sounds a bit like the music used in Gundam during the 70’s & 80’s


This version is much better:

Check out also these brothers’ Despacito and Africa.


To me it sounds like the belt slipping on the turntable.


I might need a comparison. It sounded like the same old crappy song that I remember.

Holy shit. You just blew my mind.

I came here to say this, was honestly shocked it had already been said.

I thought it would sound even more menacing if it was slowed down. Then I remembered you can totally do that on YouTube these days. So try listening to it at .75 speed.

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OK try these:


ain’t nobody that can sing like me, way over yonder in the minor key

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“Riders” in major key sounds like a lullaby.

He’s got a bunch of amazing rescalings of songs. It’s something to behold. They can be rough at times, but always entertaining.

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Shoot. That’s putting it mildly.

Their industrial/cyberpunk “Country Roads” is a goddamned wonder. Thanks for turning me on to this!

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