Modest Mouse vs. Queen, a most excellent mash-up

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I love either song on its own merit, but I’m… I’m just not feeling this one.


Yeah, almost makes the Modest Mouse track listenable.

Agreed, it’s not an improvement. But it’s an astonishing good fit!


Here’s one I like better.


Whuff. That was rough. Mashups only work if the songs are in the same dang key - it’s not enough to beat match if they’re still dissonant.

Now we’re talking!

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When my sister in law’s husband lost +20% of my brother in law’s inheritance in 2009 he said they were having a ‘great effect’.

It’s an interesting juxtaposition that works tonally because Freddy’s lyrics are based on a minor pentatonic scale which fits in nicely with the minor 7th on the Modest Mouse song’s general mixolydian vibe.

It feels off, however, because the minor pentatonic’s 7th has to be pinned to the song’s major root (i.e. the lyric’s minor 3rd falls on the song’s 2nd). The grittiness of the blues note 4-5♭-5 shifts down to cover the 3-4-5♭ which effectively tweaks the modality into lydian territory which is something that simply isn’t done often in pop-music without slipping into a different key – instead of dark and minor sounding – it’s light and hyper-major sounding.

(obtained with the music theory bullshit generator)


You totally had me going! I’ve been working on my modes (e.g. Mixolydian and Lydian) and thought you were serious. I thought that you were some kind of musical genius. Impressive smartassery.


Damn… flashbacks of my life in my MFA era.

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Nope. Just makes me hate Modest Mouse even more.

Ditto. Try this one:

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Wow, that’s pretty great.

How did you get it to embed the video? Mine only shows the link.

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Well damn, I like it and I’m ready to listen to it on the radio now. Release might be a problem.

It’s actually fairly accurate. Except I just kind of went by how it sounded rather than sit down and play it out note by note. Also a year ago I transcribed the chords for Float On for my kid who was learning guitar. It’s actually a very weird song harmonically.

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