Girls Just Want to Have Fun in a minor key



I love when a cover completely reinterprets a song. But I was kind of hoping for one of those weird frequency-shift jobs, those are amazing too.


It’s weird how left on my own I’d have no idea how to do that but listening to it I feel like I already sort of ‘know’ the transposed tune.

The way it changes the entire feel of the piece reminds me of this other cover I’ve always liked. It’s just kinda amazing how the male vocals create such a weird shift in tone and context.


That is amazing!

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Thumbs down for no Captain Lou Albano in the video.


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It’s a beautiful version.

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Kinda makes me want to hear a super-major version.

To me it doesn’t sound funny and ironic - it sounds sad and tragic. The line “some guys take a beautiful girl and hide her away” goes from a bubbly complaint about misogyny to an almost domestic abuse level complaint about misogyny. Fascinating how just two changes- major to minor and female to male- makes such a huge difference.

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Three changes, he also changes the tempo. The original song was at 120 BPM, this is closer to 115. It feels much slower than that, too. I suspect he may be lenghtening some phrasing, too.

The lack of a kick-drum and using rhythm guitar as main rhythm elements also help shift it from an up-beat celebration to a mournful ballad as well.

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