More than 100,000 Europeans march against #Article13

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I was there; berlin was fckng glorious, at least 15,000. THANK YOU EVERYBODY!


Frankfurt here. My everything hurts but I feel good for doing my part.


a few impressions:

Potsdamer platz, 02:10 pm, cops are starting to panic, cause there are already more than fourthousand than anticipated (they were prepared for around 2000)


medialaywer christian solmecke and paid google-bots, proof of evil

finishing line Brandenburger gate

(feel free to use this pics as you please, if you want to)


Pikachu? Fry? I guess opposition to Article 13 means no copyright at all?

(I know, I know, der Fair Yussen. But still.)

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The scale of German protests was impressive!
Protests in Poland had far lower attendance - I was at the Warsaw protest and there were about 350 people here. Still, it was nice to see people of all political options rallying around a single issue.


Hey, you still did your part. You´re allright.
I wonder how the attendance in other european cities was thou,


If this was yesterday, then, in the UK, it would have clashed with Anti-Brexit rally in London.

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I did email “my” MEPs about this already, but I didn’t threaten to vote them out, and I don’t think that is the way to go (even if you live in a non-failed state and will get to vote in May). It’s implicit anyway, but on an individual level it is a fairly hollow threat that makes you sound petulant and unserious. And the idea is to appeal to your representative’s sense of civic duty, not their narrow self-interest.


First thought, “cool Japanese protest sign in solidarity of EU internet freedom”, then sad realizing on closer look it’s tape on stick/sign. :face_with_monocle:

In Amsterdam I would guess we got 30 to 50 people. Could have been better :sweat:

Well that was a waste of time. Evil wins!

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