More than 100 cars sunk in Houston bayous

While we might disagree I’m talking about how society rates cops.

Aye, it follows that it’s at leas a place you could, you know, drive to.


Well, that does present a practical solution to anyone in the area looking to conveniently dispose of a body.


Houston cops are notorious for using exactly this technique to get rid of folks. I lived there for 11 years and during that time, I recall at least 3 high profile cases where cops had left someone they had arrested “unattended” in a car which “accidentally” rolled into a bayou, and the perp drowned before he could be “rescued.” Of course they don’t want the cars pulled out. The only place along the Gulf coast with more corrupt cops is New Orleans. Why is anyone surprised?

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It’s SOOOO satisfying to bang things on a desk. Wouldn’t you agree? heh heh heh :blush:

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That doesn’t require surplus military hardware and spray-on pants, so I’m afraid it’s not in the budget.


Ida know… have to agree with the cop on that one. More than likely it would mean some sort of rescue. This aint SeaHunt…

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