Mortal Kombat fans decry Switch version's poor performance

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I wouldn’t be surprised if the port team are to be pitied in this case.

The switch is certainly capable of the precise inputs and high responsiveness that fighting games absolutely require, just not at the same time as all that much graphical punch; and a lot of very well regarded fighting games either have more of a strong style than pure graphical punch or are just not especially pretty; so it’s very likely that there’s a look that is both undeniably Mortal Kombat and viable on the Switch; but I suspect that the mission brief was not “lovingly crafted demake with controls polished to a frame-perfect shine and a distinctive-but-nostalgic style” but “yes, see if you can make the Switch version of this PC/PS5 game merely distinctly second class rather than absolutely unusable”.

Doesn’t mean I’d be any happier if I’d spent $70 on the result(if anything, probably less happy, since the state of the game cannot have been a surprise); but a situation (unlike a lot of the shoddy console-to-PC ports) where an actually good and strictly faithful port was probably impossible; but refocusing on spiritual fidelity that’s actually technically possible was probably not authorized.


It’s likely they had an idea of just how poorly it was going but gambled on the possibility that they could fix it by working the team until zero hour. At that point everything was fixed in place, including a $70 MSRP determined by pre-orders set even months before that.

It’s a mess that Netherrealm will be blamed for, Nintendo will be mocked by annoying fanboys for, but is honestly the result of the machine of modern videogames.

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The Switch just can’t hang with some games. Fortnite looks stripped down on it as well.

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