Most Americans are not confident election systems are secure from hacking: Pew Research


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Americans are confident local poll workers will run elections smoothly and that votes will be counted accurately, but they are less sure about nationwide elections and worry about foreign hacking.



A pencil and a piece of paper still work :wink:




…and worry about foreign hacking.

Given all the overt effort by the republicans to suppress the vote, why shouldn’t we worry about domestic hacking? It was the republicans and their rich donors who wanted to promote electronic voting machines; which we were slowly informed were not remotely secure (hacked by an eleven year old in ten minutes, and, vendor admits they never upgraded the security, …) Paper ballots will always be more secure because of the cost/unit manipulation factor - but yet electronic voting machines are pushed like crazy in more republican controlled areas. hnh… why do you suppose that is? Well even the Simpsons know why.


I’m confident that republicans are fucking with the vote even more than russians are.


I do not call them Republicans any longer, but I do refer to these National Conservatives as NAT-C


I’m not confident in the electronic voting systems in various U.S. states, insofar as it’s been demonstrated that most of this equipment is ridiculously easy to hack. This isn’t just my impression – this is the result of tests by people who actually know what they’re talking about. Shall we start gathering links now?


Ten year olds.


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