Most users of online worlds do sex stuff


“my age” says the auther. What age is that?

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Looked at the graphic first, and thought it was an article written by @jlw, what with all the mentions about doing things in a VW…

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Sexual content on the interenet? I am shocked - shocked!

Online worlds get so sexy when I shove the mouse down my pants.

Mmm… polygons!

The Infographic link is empty…

Yes, however we wouldn’t have had to append the “stuff” to the end.

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The back of a VW? Sounds like an uncomfortable place

What about VW vans? They can be very comfy.

:slight_smile: it’s a recurring joke from Mallrats

D’oh! !

Does teabagging in an online shooter count as sex stuff?


People are always saying MMOs have too much grinding.


Just to be fair, and for the zillionth time, Second Life is not just about hooking up. It allows hooking up, and even allows real money exchange related to, like, programmed toys related to such – so of course that’s all anyone talks about.

But you can go to a nonprofit manager support group, a Buddhist meditation circle, learn Korean, go to a 3d animation art show, or do many other things. You just have to look harder, just as you have to look hard to find quality content on Facebook or Twitter.

And conversely, every other virtual world which is explicitly not about sex still has horny teenagers and horny adults and horny otherkin cybering. Every MMO gets personal housing sooner or later and everybody knows, or ought to know, what that housing is for.

It was doubly true of the MUDS and MOOs and MUSHes that preceded them. I remember plenty of eye-opening custom look responses. The more fantastical the virtual world, the more fantastical the sexuality. Once you’ve had a chat with a thoroughly nice pansexual hermaphodite dragonkin, regular old human sexuality seems positively quaint. You mean people still get worked up about homosexuality, of all things?

And heck, pretty much any medium of conversation that allows roleplay can be a virtual world. IRC has the /me command and, take it from me, people used it to craft places with little more than imagination and a lot of touch-typing. And do they ever have a lot of sex in those virtual places.

Come to think of it, this BBS has private messaging. I bet you someone’s cybered with it.

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