How to have cybersex on the Internet



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Oh, that’s how!

I get it now.


She’s very talented. . . she managed to take her sweater off while typing.


I put on my robe and wizard hat.


It usually takes longer than that. I mean… I… I assume it would… not that I would actually know or anything.


Yo, that black bar didn’t hit what it meant to hit.


“Yes. With lots of S’s”

Now THAT is some hot chat.


Damn! I’m way behind the times.

Next time someone online asks " Say, would you like to have CYBERSEX??? "…I will know just what to do. I’ll bet that one-hand typing comes in real…uh…handy.


Doesn’t it cost millions of dollars for the hardware?


I think this is fake, did you see how long it took between when she asked and when she got her first offer? And only one response, too…


Dude, there were like 37 other people on the intertron back then.

It was probably even before anyone thought of pretending to be female.




Is this from some program akin to Look Around You, or was this done seriously?


I really want my sarcasm font… also who here remembers CompuServe’s CB channels? Thats where I learned how to type erotically.


I like that.


12 year old me would have paused the fuck out of that tape.


I love the review, “Tedium has never been this topless.”


Seems real, as improbable as that feels to me…

Some of this footage is truly, truly insane to the point that I also have difficulty believing they aren’t cleverly constructed parodies. But I know Computer Beach Party is real, and that Traci Lords jazzercize thing seems real…


I wondered if it was possible to make an attractive topless woman boring to a straight man, and now I have an answer.


That’s not sex. It’s D&D.