Most world maps wipe out much of Oceania

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Global Warming is a plot by Rand McNally! If the islands sink under the waves, the problem is solved!


Serves Oceania right for always being at war with Eurasia Eastasia.


Several years ago I was told by a librarian who’d lived in Hawaii that some of the islands of Oceania produce their own magazines and other periodicals. Some libraries (like the University of Hawaii) try very hard to collect every one of these but it’s difficult sometimes.

I’m sorry so much culture–so much ongoing culture–is steadily being wiped out.



While some do a somewhat better job of it than others, there’s simply no such thing as a “fair” flat world map. This is hardly news, unless you haven’t been paying attention.


It’s kinda telling how political something as seemingly neutral as a map is. If maps are that bad, how about everything else?

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Cue obligatory XKCD:


And ironically Hawaii’s name gets cruelly truncated.


And the Pacifican nations get dropped off the map, which is important because [quote=“beschizza, post:1, topic:79727”]
…it cuts out exactly these parts of the world that are arguably most affected by climate change

It’s there, literally literally right in front of you. Did you read anything besides the headline?

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it ends with an i, therefore it’s a Latin plural for the islands of Hawaiʻi

Sorry, that part of the article was covered by a pop-up ad.

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I’m fine with Florida going away.



Probably the most devious, backhanded way to get Americans thinking about the geopolitical implications of Oceania is to start teaching more effectively about the War in the Pacific.


What you’re still failing to grasp, is that regardless of what map you use, it’s going to piss off someone, for some reason that they think is extremely important. Welcome to reality.

Its about the only way I learned about the islands in Kiribatti (Tarawa), the Solomon Island chain, the Marshal Islands, Palau and the Marianas. Survivor only goes so far.


wtf up with second map using blue as landmass. totally confusing. Like a green stop sign or something.

So why piss off the Oceanians, whose islands are disproportionately threatened by sea-level rise, due to their high coastline to area ratio?

They are the most vulnerable, so they should be the focus of international help, not shuffled off to the side of the map until they drop off it altogether.

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There’s also coin collecting–although I think of that as a way to supplement and encourage learning about history rather than a substitute.

Anyway some of the nations of Oceania produce really beautiful coins, some only for collectors. I have a proof set from Tuvalu with an explanatory note that there are more of the coins in the hands of collectors than in the hands of the island’s citizens.


It’s not a case of “pissing off” the Oceanic islands that are most at risk of being literally drowned by climate change, but of the maps purporting to demonstrate the effects of climate change rendering much of its effects invisible by not including them.

You’re looking at a map of malaria deaths without the African continent on it.