Mother and child could be born from the same uterus


Well, if it was good enough for mom, it is good enough for you…

They had to be removed because of blood clots and also weirdness clots.

Wouldn’t it be easier to do this using time travel?

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“I’m my own grandpa…”

Actually mother and daughter being born from the same uterus is possible without a uterus transplant. An artificially inseminated ovum can be grafted into a future grandmother’s (and host mother’s) uterus.

And what a clever way having a child without losing your figure…

Hasn’t this already happened? I’m sure I’ve heard of stories where grandmothers acted as surrogates for their daughters.

Yes, even recently…

Being a surrogate and giving your uterus to be transplanted are two different things. As a surrogate, you let the baby grow in your uterus while your uterus is still intact inside your own body and give birth to the baby. With a transplant, your uterus is removed from your body and put into someone else’s who uses it to get pregnant and carry and give birth to a baby with it. It’s like a kidney, heart, or lung transplant.

Well yes, obviously, but the headline of the article is “mother and child could be born from the same uterus” - which has happened many a time.

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