Woman dies ... and her daughter is born four months later


I appear to have something in my eyes


One of many miracles the Catholic Church is opposed to.

One question that comes to mind is just how rare is surrogacy in the modern world?

It’s certainly not unheard of, but aside from wildlife conservation this is perhaps the first article I’ve read devoted entirely to a surrogate birth. Yet at the same time, we’ve been doing these sorts of procedures for some decades now, and I’m curious just how common or uncommon these types of procedures really are.

I suppose it’s just one of those things that exists out of sight and out of mind - like not realizing just how many blind people there are in the world, or not being aware of the actual prevalence of various “exotic” diseases, that sort of thing. Is there anyone professionally familiar with this topic that might shed some light on a few things?

What a sexist and paternalistic statement. Just because a person is apparently female doesn’t mean that their entire being is wrapped up in getting hitched to some man.

And I see from the video that his daughter’s crib has a pink blanket. Already, he’s conditioning the poor child. Next thing you know, this guy will be buying her a horse because “every little girl deserves a pony”.

They purposely brought a child into the world knowing it wouldn’t have a mother. I find that incredibly sad. Having seen what losing a mother to cancer does to kids – who at least get some some years to bond before the disease takes over physically, mentally, and psychologically – I’m not getting the same warm fuzzies everyone else seems to be feeling about this situation. Maybe because I’m a mother with cancer, who has to worry not only if I’ll live long enough to see them all fully grown but also whether or not I’ve passed on the genes to them. At least I didn’t do it intentionally.

Sorry to be a buzzkill.

Very mixed feelings about that.

Because that’s the important part of this story.

It’s a lot more common in the LGBT world, I would think. :slight_smile: But it’s not an easy procedure for anyone involved. A woman has to decide to carry someone else’s child for 9 months.

A quick google search led to this:

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the number of reported babies born live in the U.S. as a result of gestational surrogacy has more than doubled in seven years — from 738 in 2004 to 1,593 in 2011.

This has a map which shows how the rules for surrogacy vary a lot by state.

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