Mandatory childbirth: how the anti-abortion crusade masks cruelty to women in the "sacralizing of fetuses"

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How can an anti-abortion protester dress up like characters from The Handmaid’s Tale without having their heads explode from the cognitive dissonance? That is like next level wilful ignorance of the source material.


Conservative christians love the whole decisions have consequences thing, they make the “right” decisions and therefore will be rewarded while everyone else goes to hell.
Pro life is best friends with that “keep your legs closed” slut shaming bullshit.


Which is why one should never call these anti-woman control freaks, “Pro-Life”. It would indicate they have some kind of concern for others which they do not have in any sense. Fetus Worshiper is a far more apt term for these mooks.


If that were the only use case then I might be slightly sympathetic to the cause, but abortion is way more complicated than that. Aborting because the child is going to have horrible birth defects and live their short life in constant discomfort in a hospital bed is the only moral option in my opinion and the anti-abortion folks never ever acknowledge that position. It’s like they hear that every life is sacred and that’s the final word. This is not a sacred life, it’s wilful torture to death of a newborn. It’s unconscionable.

This is also why I am strongly against the ever decreasing age limits on abortions. These kind of issues often don’t show up until later in the pregnancy and cutting people off arbitrarily is unjustified. Heck, the “slut” abortions are the ones that happen early on, decreasing the limit does nothing to stop them. The abortions that need to happen late in the pregnancy are the most tragic of all and definitely should not be outlawed–you’re just complicating the misery this poor mother is going through.


BTW these same assholes are the people making excuses for torturing children and separating them from their parents. Its not about considering life of any kind sacred. Its about exerting control over women and turning them into property of the state,


Relabel them as “Pro-Death”, “Pro-Suffering”, “Pro-Control”, and/or “Pro-Punishment”. Never agree with them that they are “Pro-Life.”


Here are the Republican rules for women:

  1. You must not have sex.
  2. You must give your man sex whenever he wants it.
  3. If you have sex, you better not enjoy it!
  4. You will get no help preventing pregnancy.
  5. If you get pregnant, it’s all your fault.

As I say, Vote ( R ) for rapists!

That is the exact hypocritical rhetoric that people are trying to cut through to get to the underlying motives for pro lifing.

I see shaming others as a self elevation mechanism, and it is a strong technique with the conservatives i know here in the bible belt. There are a lot of reasons for pro lifing, the trick to understanding it is ignoring the rhetoric.

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The only thing I can hope is that those are the counter-protesters.

What if the underlying motive is “I want to be superior to other people.”? My group is better than those others. That’s not something you can fight with logic or facts.


“Women stop killing babies” is hard to read ironically.

The sign is actually being held (or at least pointed to) by someone with an orange long sleeve shirt. Fortunately, not the Handmaid cosplayers.


Yeah, humanity has had this problem since humanity.


Sure medical science says the child will be born deformed and die in a day or two. And that the mother will likely die in the birth process as well. But you don’t understand: god might make a miracle happen. Plus the mom and dad probably did something to deserve all this suffering. Otherwise the world isn’t just and god is evil.


every miscarriage (and they are extremely common, people do not grasp that for some stupid reason) is going to end up with a state investigation/prosecution, and just wait for when people go out of state and come back and are prosecuted

we’ve already got dozens and dozens of states when a phramacist can decide if their own personal beliefs mean they can tell you what plan-b drugs you can or can’t buy even if they are legal and you have a script


Ah, that makes a lot more sense.

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