Abortion workers: the terrorist victims America won't protect

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But put a few alarm clocks in lockers at school and bam! Charges of terrorism.


The irony for me when these people try to make emotional appeals based on gruesome images of aborted fetuses is that I’m just as likely to get queasy watching fake surgery on an episode of House or the miracle of birth videos, so I’m just left appreciating the fact that there are medical personnel who have more of a stomach for dealing with that kind of stuff than me. That’s probably not the effect they were looking for.

And yes, if you’re in a post-apocalyptic bomb shelter hiding from cannibalistic marauders with me, I will let you bleed out rather than make myself throw up trying to perform impromptu surgery on you. Sorry.


99% of the time those pictures are actually miscarriages anyway. Which is an incredibly insulting thing to do to the families whose lost pregnancies are in those pictures.

No-one who’s gone through that loss should have their tragedy be stripped of its true context and used as someone else’s gory, hamfisted attempt at political and moral commentary.


Just remember that these wackado douches are Skokie Nazis, at the razors edge both protecting and potentially eroding our civil rights. Until they pick up a gun or bomb their disgusting protected speech is the price we pay for radical free speech protection.

(Hey kids, remember how we talked about how just mentioning the N-word often does not constitute a Godwin violation? Get to the library and read up on Skokie Nazis and how they protect your freedoms while being napalm strike worthy bastards all the same! Now you know. And knowing is half the battle. Geee-ayyiiii Joooooooooo!)


Is there an equivalent to Godwinning but with the other N word?

I do not know why this just piqued my interest.


I have always felt that Godwinning is a form of blackface against those actually affected by the atrocities of that regime. So revulsion is properly felt in both cases when the user is a white american trying to either aggressively invoke their own group historical application or to appropriate the historical suffering of a minority group. OTOH I have seen Godwin invoked specifically by white americans to prevent those affected by that genocide and many previous from drawing parallels to something which has been a problem to most generations for thousands of years.

It is similar to the blackface like disgust against Jews for Jesus. The above abortion bomber grade and a few steps above Christian wants to convert all Jews to Christianity to bring the end of days and the real rule of god-king Jesus. They dress up as Jews(*badly to comic effect) attend normal synagogues and appropriate only when convenient the narrative, culture, and religion; all to eliminate the troubling concept of Jews from the world except as expressed by Christianity.

*there is nothing like going to a reform temple bat-mitzvah and seeing some j4j dork trying to spread the ‘good news’ dressed up like a cheap costume shop hasidic Jew when a real hasid is nearly as out of place browsing the shrimp cocktail bar as an Amish guy in a fighter jet. The sadly comic value only increases when he loudly argues with the cops called to escort him out, maybe not for the embarrassed 12 year old girl though.
Not even funny or atypical version of this blackfacing when the possibility arises was the J4J pastor(fake rabbi) who appropriated the passover kits during the Iraq war donated into the military chaplain supply chain by Jewish congregations and diverted them to reinterpreted fake-passover take-my-body-and-blood for fun communion/passover experience meals for Christian soldiers and duped Jews. I seem to recall there being an emergency delivery and distribution through the US Navy supply chain directed through an amphibious assault ship to get around the broken Army chaplain supply chain.

The rampant property damage isn’t protected speech. They also do sometimes use bombs and guns, e.g. the Olympic Park bombing and the murder of Dr. George Tiller (in his church no less!). Yes, they throw in the pro forma calls for peaceful protest, but rhetoric like this from the founder of Operation Rescue sure makes violence sound morally acceptable:

George Tiller was a mass-murderer. We grieve for him that he did not have time to properly prepare his soul to face God. I am more concerned that the Obama Administration will use Tiller’s killing to intimidate pro-lifers into surrendering our most effective rhetoric and actions.

Put another way, the FBI has no qualms calling environmental militants like Earth First! and ELF terrorists, and they have a much lower body-count than the anti-abortion folks.


And as I said, then their protection expires, usually chopping away at all of our rights until a reasonable court hopefully intervenes. Unfortunately deeply investigating any group likely to commit irrational crimes as an act of direct action or guerilla warfare is perilously outside the design perimeters of a strict liberal democracy. This is why we can’t have nice things…

Do they seriously not call right wingers like clinic bombers and militia types at least potential terrorists? Is is just a matter of definition to please red state senators?!


It’s cultural and psychological. Policing is an inherently conservative profession because its purpose is to enforce the status quo. So the police including the FBI have conservative biases and view groups like ELF and Greenpeace as radicalized, while an abortion clinic bomber (who in fact had a lot of help from their church in executing the attack) is considered by the police to be a lone lunatic.

It’s the same reason that whenever a Muslim does something bad (but non-religiously motivated) in the US the media cries out about how local mosques aren’t denouncing the act hard enough. But when a Christian does something bad specifically for religiously motivated reasons the media concludes they’re a bad apple, and their actions don’t reflect on Christianity at all, even if they’re following the letter of the bible.

It’s really fucked up and is a glaring bias in the system, and as crazy as it seems it does exist.

Not enough people talk about it.


Nobody I know was killed or injured in 9/11, the Boston bombing, or the Iraq/Afghan wars.

I know no less than 6 people whose places of business have been firebombed, shot at, and threatened with mass murder by Christian terrorists.


Christian terrorism has been getting quantifiably worse in the last 10 years too.

I can’t say with any confidence why. But my pet theory is that it could be due to the increasing political polarization in the US, combined with the fact that religious power has been waning. The extremists can see that they’re losing grip on their hegemony, and are acting out to try and re-establish their control, whether or not they consciously know that’s what they’re doing.

Mixing black and white morality with black and white group favoritism and black and white politics leads to perverse rationalization of violence in the name of a basically evil god. And there’s just so many useful idiots who never bothered to read the bible with a critical eye for the ideologues to exploit.


Don’t forget their constant persecution rhetoric.


Christians are overwhelmingly the in-group in the US. I think that goes a long way in explaining the treatment of terrorists inspired by that religion conducting themselves within the country. Othering the terrorists without reflecting on the reasons for radicalization within the in-group is a form of denial, but to examine causes too deeply could lead to their constant suspension of disbelief to fail.


That is correct. Anti-choice “activists” are given special protections, in fact (legally allowed to interfere with normal business operations and public access in a way that no other group can do). They are not officially labeled as terrorists even after they’ve bombed/shot/set fire.


See also how armed men in combat gear and wearing neo-Nazi shirts talking about how they want to murder Muslims, threatening and physically assaulting muslims get called “protestors”, because they’re white Christians. If you’re a conservative white Christian in this country, your violence and hate is defended, even if you’re a literally Nazi talking about how you want to murder people.


Right, and these are the same people (along with many other sorts) who swear up and down that there’s no such thing as white privilege. They have a lot invested in that denial!


I once read about an effective counter-strategy where sponsors were sought. For every protester, the sponsors would contribute to the abortion clinic. So, the people at the abortion clinic could thank protesters for their contribution. You could do the same to combat other types of harassment.