America has an epidemic of workplace miscarriages, caused by pregnancy discrimination

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Won’t somebody stand up for the unborn? I think we need the entire GOP on the record on this!


As long as we are not taking them to the abortion clinic it’s all good.

Just when I think I can’t get more embarrassed by my country. I guess there is still some way down before we hit bottom.


Republicans don’t like abortions, but they actually like dead women and children so far as I can tell. Huge fans in fact, probably their favorite state for women and children is death. It just has to be men killing them, that’s what matters.


Not that I want to infer the political allegiance of whoever told her that, but I think for most conservatives abortion isn’t an issue they really care personally about, it’s an issue they can use to rally their troops and claim some kind of moral high ground. When faced with an unwanted pregnancy in their own lives (mistress, daughter, themselves) a good portion would not hesitate to consider the procedure, and pay to have it done in secret.

I always say “if life begins at conception, then explain why many fertilized eggs are flushed out naturally with a woman’s period? God would appear to be the biggest abortionist of all.”


Yeah giving women miscarriages is just god punishing sluts for having jobs outside of the home… /s

We keep tumbling and tumbling…


I don’t know… maybe at the very top, but I think people who are pro-life actually DO buy into the argument that it’s actively murdering a child.

Indeed. It’s very true.


I would refer you all to the miscarriage stats for OR nurses. Truly horrifying, especially considering that these are medical providers. Actual cause is debatable, but exposure to inhalational anesthetics combined with sometimes brutally long periods of uninterrupted standing are suspected. Amazingly (/s) no one seems terribly interested in researching this phenomenon very much.


As someone will ask for citations.



I swear, its like the posts being shared today are actively trying to make me as pissed off as possible…


This is horrible.


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Those women were in the workplace, not at home where a good mother would be! —the GOP


Who needs Planned Parenthood when you can go to work for Albertson’s and miscarry? Same end result, sorta, but with a whole lot more risk to the health and mental well-being of the pregnant worker. For America’s capitalists, that’s a win-win situation.

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I’ll take Single Providers Over 50B for 400; what are Refactory Witches the new Provider Which Turn What Cannot Have Been Good into What Is Gross?

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In my country, pregnant women must be given lighter duties and are not permitted to work at all during the last two months of their pregnancy.

During my wife’s pregnancy I realised that these relatively generous protection laws are actually something of a bare necessary minimum. Admittedly, my wife’s was a high risk pregnancy and other women we know were able to perform pretty demanding tasks and travel even late into their pregnany, but you have to provide for the most vulnerable cases.

Letting pregnant women do physical labour until they lose their children on a work floor is nothing short of barbaric. What a shameful system.

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Hey if women want to work so badly, that’s what they get. Right? It’s not like you see any men having miscarriages at the job. Just more proof that women aren’t cut out for the workplace. /s

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Worse, it seems whenever we think we’re about to hit the bottom, it drops down further.

We already knew Republicans are hypocrites. Their attempts at banning abortion have nothing to do with protecting fetuses, but rather has everything to do with eroding agency for all women within the US. Failing to protect intended pregnancies merely further exposes their true agenda.


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