A would-be clinic-bomber & friends are terrorizing a charter school for being too close to a future Planned Parenthood office


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You’d think such large douchebags would care more about women’s health.


the school would “allow the horrors of the abortion practice” nearby.

This word “allow” …


What I want to know is why the local LEOs would “allow” the horror of lying, vicious protesters interfering with a school and terrorizing young children. This doesn’t need a civil lawsuit: there are laws on the books to arrest them, because they aren’t doing it on PP land (that’s totally OK and pro-American, of course).


Well, maybe the charter school will go bust. We can only hope.


WOW, somebody spotted a rare neckbeard out in the wild. This is amazing photography


I think its incredible. These “babies rights” activists clearly have no children of their own.

When has any parent taken sociopolitical advice from their elementary aged kid?!


Terrorizing 4-year-olds. hmmmm, yes, “pro-life” indeed.


I don’t get what they’re trying to accomplish by terrorizing a bunch of kids.

“Terrorizing.” Hmmm… Maybe a trip to Gitmo is in order for these idiots!


So they apparently have no shame or decency at all. I wonder how hard it will be for the school to get a restraining order… one that keeps them very very far away.


You clearly never met my daughter…


“Contraception is murder”? Gads, this guy’s head would explode if he were to learn about apoptosis.


Doctorow, you’ve become a propagandist and lost all respect points.


That “Preborn Human” banner could just as easily be depicting of a pig embryo at that stage of development, which is already much farther along in the pregnancy than when most abortions take place.

And of course the best way to avoid termination of “preborn humans” in the first place is to make sure people have access to birth control. If only there was some kind of organization that specialized in helping people plan when they wanted to start a family…


:laughing: I am so going to steal that quote someday!


Yes, he has a moral duty to show both sides - pro-terrorizing children as well as anti.


Yes, but that’s also murder, as is masturbation, non-PIV sex, interrupting a pick-up line…



Exactly! What are women for if not popping out babies! /s


holy shit the penultimate stage pig and turtle are fucking adorable.