What it's like to do a lockdown drill with kindergarten kids

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There’s actually quite a market for voodoo faith healers, actually. Look at the homeopathic industry, as a start.


I have always been moved and saddened by stories of kids growing up in a war zone, like Beirut or Sarajevo. Now they can return the favor.

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The children would be much better served by spending the time getting some exercise instead of this idiocy. Everyone is watching too much Nancy Grace.


The normalization of life-long institutionalization.

The jails look a lot like schools now-a-days.

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It’s pretty amazing that these articles are 1 and 3 years old.

That’s an old and accurate observation; probably the best earlier one is Foucault’s in Discipline & Punish. But many others have noted the similarity between school and prison. They serve a similar role in the US, and it’s hard not to be like the libertarians and home schoolers who say it’s similar by design.

My children both attend and attended jail-like local high schools and I often remarked upon visiting for plays and such that they looked more like youth detention centers than places to educate children.

The local community colleges are mostly archetecturally high-minded though, with 40+ foot glass frontages and interesting landscaping…which is representitive of tuition fees I suppose, but a little more uplifting than cinder block and caged exit signs and clocks.

I still remember ‘duck and cover’ drills for elementary school in the '60s. At least these weren’t quite as frightening since, being in Tulsa, they were actually good for tornado preparedness.

Far more time is lost to these drills than is potentially saved by them. I think they are pushed because fear is useful to those in power.

Yeah, that was the weakest line in the article. Pretty sure most cult leaders and woo-medicine practitioners are in it for the money.

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