Buzzfeed infiltrated a racist teen message group and it's amazing

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Good on Bernstein for throwing some light into this murky space, and the gun lust there really is scary, even though they heap scorn on Dylann Roof (which seems strange for people with their mindset – I wonder why?). At least there’s only 50 kids in it.


I will tell you one way modern technology is making these guys obsolete: DNA testing.

When the three main U.S. companies doing autosomal testing (that’s chromosomes 1-22, not haplogroups which are ancient markers) dropped their prices to consumer levels, there was an initial wave of men from groups like this who would test to “prove” how Aryan they are. And then the tests came in, and almost all the southern whites had some Sub-Saharan African in them, and the ones who were “100% German” had some Ashkenazi Jewish in them. After the first couple of years we stopped seeing panicked questions from new testers about this. As far as any of us have been able to tell, the word got out, and they stopped testing rather than learn the truth.


When I was younger, it was Satanic Panic, but it was obvious to me that almost all “Satanists” were heavy metal kids who thought 666 was a synonym for “wicked cool!” I expect almost all of these kids are the same way, just doing what they can to outrage their parents. There’s also going to be one who takes the rhetoric personally, and gets some guns.

What can be done about this? For starters, don’t feed the trolls. The vast majority of these kids yearn for your rage, but really it’s a waste of valuable energy. It’s that one guy I’m worried about. Is there some way… any way to make sure he doesn’t shoot up the school? Oh, if only it was possible to… I dunno… control one of the factors here.

Maybe blaming video games will help.


Actual experience of online groups harassing, attacking, and doing all sorts of shit suggests otherwise. Not to mention the actual offline terrorism that the mainstream just wants to shrug and say it’s no big deal.

Dismissing them as “Oh, they’re not REALLY evil racists, they’re just acting up” ignores that these kids grow up to become adult racists, and are often raised by adult racists in a racist culture.


I do not know of a way to ensure that kids are not brought up by racists. As for actual offline terrorism, maybe I wasn’t clear, so here’s my suggestion:


I am sure you have other good ideas as well.


Look, I’m in favor of gun control, but bringing it up CONSTANTLY whenever the talk is on racism is incredibly tone-deaf and wrong headed.

Taking away guns wouldn’t have meant that the, what, 9 black churches that have been targeted wouldn’t have burnt down.

“Stop talking about the cause of this problem, let’s talk about the aggravating factor that I’m interested in” isn’t helping. You want to talk about gun control, go talk about it elsewhere, but racists can do a lot of harm without guns, and they can do a lot of harm just online, too.


Keep in mind a large part of the original article talked about guns, arms, and violence.

Pa in particular talked about guns a lot. He asked the group what people were doing “to prepare for any wars”; he spoke of a need to purchase a “British assault vest,preferably one with a place I can put a knife by my left shoulder”; he fantasized about murdering a Jewish Irish politician:


Yes, I couldn’t agree more! Disarm the police immediately. It is the most powerful single change we can make to reduce racist murder.


I think both can be true. They’re naive kids trying to be edgy, and they’re also potential adult racists and/or murderers. They’re not unhinged monsters, but sometimes it does make sense to treat them like they are, because that’s how people learn what’s unacceptable. Other times, it makes sense to treat them like naive kids, because in spite of their posturing they’re not exactly the next Hitler. It’s complicated.

But recognizing someone’s complex humanity doesn’t mean giving them a pass for being a white supremacist. White supremacists should be spit on, beaten up, and run out of town by a jeering mob. That’s how they learn.


I like to point out the Europeans (and everyone else besides Africans) have non-human, Neanderthal genes.

Africans, who stayed in Africa and never met Neanderthals, are actually the purist race.

See, little things like that proves there is a God with a sense of irony.


I was caught in that shit too. Small town. Discovered Dungeons and Dragons - the best game ever fucking invented for a kid with a huge imagination. I would loan my books out to get a friend to roll up a character, and their parents would find it and freak out.


Also the continent with the greatest genetic diversity, to this day.


“The message is a shape-shifting parasitical meme-toilet” i.e. The Internet.

“They also discuss selfie sticks, steel beams, and rare Pepes.”

Yeah, he lost me right there. You are basically describing 4Chan’s /pol/ & /r9k/ at that point. Which is just as bad, if not worse. But at the same time I feel like it’s 99% ironic shitposting for the sake of it and that 1% who are border line becoming unhinged.

He really should lurk more on /pol/…I mean white supremacy might be a little weak…sometimes more like Neo-Nazi. Cause if isn’t related to Jewish controlled media pushing an interracial/feminist agenda which seeks to destroy traditional white families, well they don’t want to hear about it.

O HAI. Uh. Cool it maybe?

I’m a gun owner. I have several in my home. I used to hold a concealed carry permit that I let lapse.

You getting all prickly at the thought that maybe it’s a bad idea to give a confused kid a gun says something.

EDIT: clarity


That whole idea of unexpected test results showing their “pure vanilla white” is really more of a rocky road, Neapolitan, or even blue raspberry-mint swirl reminds me of the Cuckolding thread.

It feels like everything they’re concerned with boils down to “purity”, the most base and pointless of conservative values. Whether it’s sexual purity, the purity of one’s “property” (looking at you, cuckolding-panickers) and purity of one’s genes.

It’s so pointless, and is, as far as I can tell, entirely driven by a narrative and worldview of dualism, where having any association with something, even in the distant past, rubs off on you in a tangible way, permanently sullying you. No matter what you do, who you are is determined by somebody else, and keeping “pure” is the only social indication in this kind of group that you have any autonomy at all.

“To be a non-conformist, all you have to do is dress like us, and think the way we do.”


I am a tad confused (which describes most days).

Are you telling dragon to cool it or boundegar?


After parsing your last sentence it seems obvious you are pointing the Cool It at dragon. The juxtaposition threw me off.

I agree not every thread should degenerate into political ideology. But given the source material talks about arms, and the general context, I think we both agree it is an appropriate thread to talk about arms.


Neanderthals were humans. Just not homo sapiens sapiens. To call them non-human would be like calling bonobos non-chimps.


Yup you got me right. :slight_smile:

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