Bored US teens kill visiting Australian man




What a bunch of pricks.


Anybody else have A Clockwork Orange come to mind?
Maybe it’s just because I watched it again recently.


The only thing that stops some bored teenage psychopaths with a gun … oh fuck it.


And now this liberal (on most things except for guns and capital punishment) awaits the whining bleeding-hearts explaining to us how we shouldn’t light these little fuckers up post haste.


Several reasons, but mostly because I don’t trust the government or the courts enough to grant them the ultimate power over life and death.


Well, aren’t we just talking about giving the Globe & Mail that power at this point?


Can we get something on this story from a local source, rather than a Canadian paper quoting Sky News?


Here is a local source:


I understand that prison is also quite boring.


Luckily you can make a shiv out of almost anything, so they should be able to keep busy.


The mentally ill say the darnedest things.


I’d also caution that, while these teens may well be as guilty as sin, I’ve also seen a number of similar news stories revealed years later as as heartbreaking tales of manipulative police interrogations and coerced false confessions. Whatever ultimately happens to these teens I hope that it follows due process.


Revenge is best saved for practical jokes, not the justice system in a civilised country.


Children don’t kill people, parents that neglect children kill people.


You beat me to it. Bored teenagers with guns. Should never have been possible in the first place.


Welcome to America.

Don’t forget your Kevlar vest.


Here’s another local news source from the town where the shooting took place:

Disgusting situation. I hope the right people are being held and that the legal system follows the proper course.


No mention of the kids’ race.
Interesting. I guess we wouldn’t want bad publicity on that front.


Exactly. it’s far to easy to find examples of people who were wrongly convicted, then executed. We’d need to replace “reasonable doubt” with “absolute, unassailable certainty” which I’m not sure we can do.