Footage shows white man shooting at black boy who asked for directions

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But ya know…they just want to get back to better days and simpler times. When someone could knock on someone’s door and ask for directions. Those days when America was great. AMIRITE?!? /s


Thank goodness the young man in question was unharmed.


Can somebody put up the “FFFUUUUUUUCCCCKKKK” gif again? Or is it getting worn out? All that is missing is the goons frickin’ MAGA hat. I am sooo tired of this shit every day. And sooo out of ideas to fix it.


But, I mean… Even if you accept that this guy’s brain is clouded by racism, what’s he doing? A kid knocks on your door and waits around for someone to answer.

Why not open the door and see what the kid wants? Why not just not open the door, if you don’t feel like it? Why not tell the kid to get lost, if you’re a mean old cuss?

Why the gun, for chrissakes? Why shoot at him?!

Edited to add: Oh, it’s the racism, isn’t it?


So nice that justice will occasionally be served, so long as there’s actual video evidence documenting murderous racist actions.

Once again, the Onion wins for being eerily prescient.



Thank you


Well, he’s not just serving to validate all the “shirtless racist redneck” stereotypes, he’s also validating the “gunowners are looking for excuses to kill people” stereotype. Probably worth noting that the Venn overlap of those two is not insignificant.


Not just that, it’s the idea that “this n****r on my porch gives me a chance to live my fantasy of blasting one of them.” The stand your ground, if you fear for your life shoot someone laws make it open season on minorities. And having a black kid on your porch gives you the chance to “fear for your life.” It is a moral sickness in our society.


I don’t know, we might be too quick to dismiss this man’s fear. Let’s walk a mile in his shoes* before rushing to judgment, shall we?

Let’s say you’re home on a weekday morning around 8:30am, and you hear a knock at the door. Obviously, the first thought anyone would have would be “home invasion,” so that’s strike one.

Next, let’s assume that you happen to be, for reasons that we don’t need to go into here, wearing jeans but no shirt, leaving your nipples completely vulnerable and open to attack. That’s strike two.

Then, let’s say that you look out the window and see that the person knocking on your door is a 140 lb kid who looks like he’s dressed to go to robotics club meeting with a backpack that could contain anything. A gun, three liters of soda, two guns, anything. Classic misdirection that bodes home invasion. That’s strike three.

Now, any of the above would justify any reasonable person to come out blasting, but let’s put the icing on this cake and assume that the villain knocking on the door…is…black. Checkmate, game over.

I rest my case, ladies and gentleman of the jury, let’s all give this shirtless hero a round of applause and bus fare home.

*assuming he was wearing shoes at the time. probably wasn’t, I guess.


What a scumbag. Glad that kid is ok, though i can’t imagine the anxiety he has to put up with since then.


What does this mean?

Ziegler is why black boys run. Pace is why black men kneel.

Pace says he initially thought it was a home invasion attempt then when he saw the video he was offended by what he saw. If someone tells the police that someone else attempted to rob them, shouldn’t the police investigate it? Or should they look at the person that called, see that they are white, and jump to the conclusion that they are lying? There is nothing in this article that indicates Pace is a racist, or that he overreacted to the crime ,that he pulled his gun on the actual victim, or anything like that at all. It sounds like he did his job.


Well, it looks like “racism isn’t a factor in this incident” arrived in this topic before “wide access to firearms isn’t a factor in this incident.” I’ll admit that I was expecting it to go the other way.


I don’t understand how the would-be murderer stayed out of prison this long, if his big plan is to shoot a child in the back at 20 or 30 or …50? yards while being filmed by his own security camera.

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As succinctly as I can manage;

Black people in the US are constantly at risk of being harmed or killed simply because we exist in a society which has conditioned most people to automatically believe we are an “existential threat.”

Detective Pace is an active if not conscious part of the system of institutionalized racism; as he automatically believed Ziegler’s BS story, until irrefutable video evidence was presented that Ziegler was FLAT OUT LYING about thinking that “his home was being invaded.”

The really sad thing is that many people would have still believed the flagrant lie even after seeing the video, because distrust of anyone not White has been so ingrained in our culture for so long.

Oh, and one more thing:


NRA would use this in an ad.


A circle then?


… and got it wrong.

QUIZ: Are white cops more predisposed to believe white men over blacks boys?