Here's the simplest way to ruin a Planned Parenthood protest, and all it takes is a sign

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This is great. I get HRT through Planned Parenthood and have to deal with these assholes.


That sucks. I’m so sorry. As you must have experienced, these bigots will be back next week while The Good Liars are off to another outrage. Good for them, but these assholes definitely did not get the point.

ETA: Assholes. Fucking assholes.


I remember counter-protestors used to get rid of the Westboro Baptist loons by setting up large stopwatch-clocks with a sign reading that, for every minute the Westboro bigots were on site, a certain large amount of money would be donated to local LGBT charities.


“Adoption: the loving option”

OK. Fair enough. But if you really want to stop abortion then don’t be opposed to contraception or comprehensive sex ed.


I do too. I know my local clinic gets protested once in a while, but I haven’t seen any of them out there when I’ve been there for an appointment. In a way I’m slightly disappointed.


I am very happy to have been able to do something similar once. I very obviously counted up the number of protestors, and went inside, while letting them know I was donating cash based on how many of them were outside. “Shall we meet here again next week?”


Nah. If you want a kid, you carry it to term and take the health risks of doing so. Don’t force someone else to risk morbidity/mortality so you can have a baby. Even paid surrogates present a moral hazard.


Wellllll. . . for some people that isn’t an option. My second cousin adopted basically a whole family of unwanted kids (saved from a prostitute and her pimp) because she and her husband couldn’t conceive. I know some adoptees my age who are the only children of parents who were infertile or sterile.


For sure. My comment is specific to this context, of forced birth extremists advocating for adoption.

Adoption is fantastic outside of that context. Forced birth to feed babies into the adoption pipeline is horrendous.


I’ve seen protestors at every appointment but one—though it has always been just one person to a very small group. At least someone across the street keeps a large truck parked with pro-choice and pro-trans banners.


I prefer counter-protest signs with some bite to them, like used to do (but with the aim turned around, of course, but should be easy nowadays.


I laughed out loud when he said (in response to one of the protestors objecting to his sign), “Oh, No, no, it’s for the people in the cars, because they aren’t joining the protest.”


I like to think he scared them off, but for all we know, he just happened to record himself at the end of the protest, which went for the intended period of time. Although either way he got to upset those assholes, so it’s a win.

They don’t - which is why they’re also consistently against all the things that reduce unwanted pregnancies. Their concern is entirely about punishing women.


Sounds like you know people relinquished, often very much against the mother’s wishes, during the BSE: Baby Scoop Era. Just because their adoptive families love them doesn’t mean their biological families didn’t love them too. And as @DukeTrout pointed out, the medical dangers all fall on the gestating person, often causing long term or even permanent damage. This is not a win-win situation.


“Infertile people do not deserve children” is probably not really the best possible take.

There’s nothing wrong with presenting adoption as an option just as long as it is presented as exactly that—an option, not a moral or legal obligation (which is what these protesters are doing). If a woman has decided she wants an abortion that needs to be the end of the discussion.


Plus, generous aid/resources for single mothers and for the child to adulthood.

I think if you got the ball, as it were, rolling you could tr-ll them into wanting to punish men, too (eg, restricting/regulating Viagra). The evangelicals hate and fear all sexuality.


I am not convinced that is true. In the 2016 election few of them seemed to have any issue at all with Donald Trump’s serial philandering but were quick to condemn Hillary Clinton for infidelities she didn’t even commit.

If it wasn’t for double standards they wouldn’t have any standards at all.


Winner, winner, chicken dinner. :disappointed:


I wonder if this would work for the next hard right insurrection when they lose an election?