Polish women go on strike over insane abortion law

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This is about Romania under the communists, but it seems generally relevant whenever the issue of abortion bans come up:


[quote=“doctorow, post:1, topic:86682”]Poland’s ultra-right government has passed an insane, incoherent ban on abortion[/quote]Seems to me whenever I read a post like this, it turns out the outrageous awful legislation in question is not actually “law”, but has merely “cleared one parliamentary hurdle” or something. Just sayin’.


Because that’s the time to raise a hue and cry about it. That’s the time to tell the parliamentarians the world is watching, and that the citizens don’t agree. Once it’s already law it’s much more difficult.


This law is so completely and totally insane.

Abortion is already mostly banned in Poland.
The current exceptions are:
where the woman’s life is in danger
where there is a risk of serious and irreversible damage to the foetus
where the pregnancy is as a result of rape or incest - this must be confirmed by a prosecutor

Abortion was essentially already illegal, but that still wasn’t enough for these fuckers. Given how Ireland has lately been finally throwing off the shackles of the Catholic church, it’s weird to see another country be further oppressed by it.


Anne Applebaum shared this link on Twitter with a map of todays demonstrations:


Come on, Cool Pope. Say something Cool to make this go away.


When those women go to church, I hope they leave a pamphlet offering some of the arguments against this proposal on the offering plate rather than money. If the church doesn’t want to support them, why should they support it?


There’s got to be a quote out there somewhere from either Winston Churchill or Star Wars about people tightening their grip when they feel they are losing power…


Cool. There are demonstrations outside Poland, including New York Nowy Jork.

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“Cool” pope is no different than the old pope. He just spits his poison with a smile. He’s never actually said anything different than the previous guys. He’s just said the same-old stuff, but in a nicer tone of voice.

"Atheists can go to heaven, who am I to judge"1
"Gay people can go to heaven"2
"Mother Teresa is a saint"3

  1. As long as they repent of their evil ways and become good catholics. Same as it’s always been.
  2. As long as they repent of their evil ways and become good catholics, and stop “being gay”. Same as it’s always been.
  3. Yes, we know she helped basically nobody, and in fact actively promoted suffering. But the catholic church isn’t really that interested in helping people and preventing suffering.

I always find it interesting that those that wish to ban abortion are also almost always those that are extremely against any sort of state safety net.

Ie. We’ll fight to the ends of the earth to make sure a baby is born, but once it is, then we’ll fight to make it’s life an utter misery if the parents cannot afford to look after it.

Quite why they actively want poverty in high numbers escapes me…



No it doesn’t. You just don’t want to dwell on the idea that there is a significant proportion of the rich and powerful who miss the good old days when the serfs, slaves, and other lesser people knew their place.

(I don’t want to dwell on it either, mind you. I just acknowledge that it’s there and I’m going to go to my happy place now)


I watched that last week. Powerful film.

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“Quite why they want actively want poverty in high numbers escapes me…”

I’m not sure how one relates to the other directly. Most far right/conservatives work around the idea of personal responsibility. Babies just don’t randomly happen. My wife and I didn’t just pop one out as soon as we got married. This isn’t the 1900s, if you want sex condoms aren’t that expensive. I’d wager to say all forms of birth control are cheaper than having a child.

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Sure, but who’re the ones who want to limit access to birth control again? Also, who are the ones who want to make it a special right that they don’t have to pay for their employee’s birth control?


Most of that stems from religious ties. Not my fault the right chose to get chumy with them. But then again it shouldn’t be my responsibility someone else got pregnant.

That wouldn’t be all bad. But as with the state social safety net, many of these people are also aggressively against all forms of birth control… I’d actually understand them more if that wasn’t the case…


The right can’t abdicate responsibility for pregnancies they’re unwilling to help prevent. Either you’re willing to help out with birth control, or you help out with the babies you’re encouraging people to make. Otherwise your a bunch of mealy-mouthed hypocrites.

“Everyone must take personal responsibility for everything even when we take their ability to be responsible away and give them no options to be responsible.”


wonder if the pro-birthers will going to Poland if it passes? After all this is what they want so why not live there?