Visiting a "ProLife Training Camp" for young people

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$425 US dollars to be brain washed? So little for so much fun…

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Would it be in poor taste to speculate on the odds that this gathering of energetic young people carefully selected for backgrounds correlated with poor sex-ed also sends the occasional camper to an abortion provider on other business?


One of my Facebook friends is Catholic. Mostly she posts about CrossFit, but one day she commented on an article about abortion that was from some anti-abortion propaganda site. It was so meanspirited and wrong that I considered commenting, but I could see that I would only be setting myself up to be spat on and flamed and that no one reading that site cared much for the facts anyway. But it was basically saying that people who get abortions love killing babies and that is why they fight for abortion rights. I was sad to see that my friend was commenting on the article - something to the effect of “yes, these awful cretins who love abortion just don’t care about babies,” when she is a well educated person. I thought, wow, there’s a whole industry of this stuff, I should read up and know my enemy, but I just can’t - the one tidbit made my stomach crawl.


When these kids inevitably and surreptitiously crawl into each others’ bunks late at night I hope they use protection.

@ChickieD Thank you for that reminder of why I hate the term “pro-life”. It automatically and unfairly casts those of us who understand how complicated and nuanced the issue is as “pro-death”, when the opposite is really the case.


If they’re shelling out for it, I’d say the brain is already thoroughly scrubbed. The money is just for the tactics and the philosophical “maintenance…”


$425? I’m thinking of a new business opportunity - fleecing anti-choice idiots while giving them bad advice… Sort of the inverse of those bogus “pregnancy counseling centers.”


I feel like feminists kind of shot themselves in the foot by being so adamant that a fetus is not a baby. Well, of course it will be a baby and that is why people want abortions, because babies come with lots of responsibilities. Some people cannot meet those responsibilities and choose to abort instead of taking on more than they are able or willing to at that time, and others have situations where that responsibility is met best by making sure that that life has a quick and painless end rather than a life of pain and suffering, and others are in the awful position of choosing between the mother’s life and the baby’s. I think the “pro-life” movement has latched on to that language as indicative of lack of caring by people who want to protect the right to safe and legal abortions. It’s not like people love having abortions, but if you need one, having a competent doctor perform the operation is absolutely necessary.


When I went to camp, we made ashtrays, paddled canoes, rode horses and played volleyball. I guess because no one smokes anymore, the kids need some different activities.


The anti’s lie all of the time. If you’re interested, watch the documentary, “12th and Delaware.” It’s a look at a clinic that is across the street from a fake clinic. The documentarian just rolled the camera. The pretzel logic of the anti’s is truly frightening.


O great Malthus – I beseech thee, preserve us from those who are wicked, yea, and their desire to overpopulate the Earth and destroy our dignity as humans, who passeth judgement over man and woman and leave the Duggar.

Forever and ever, and as much as possible.

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It’s very hard for me to deal with that kind of spew. It must be very hard to walk around with so much hate and ugliness inside, and it frightens me when I glimpse that side of people, and how it can be corralled for political effect.


I escort at a clinic next door to one of the fake ones. They’re all, “Don’t kill your baby!” while the women are on their way in. Usually - thank heavens! - they’re left alone on their way out. But there’s one nasty b-tch in particular who will yell at the women all the way to their cars.


These pro-life people are steadfastly opposed to health care for poor women, including well-baby exams. They oppose making cancer screening and reproductive health services available. They are constantly pushing to cut nutrition aid for poor mothers and school lunches, too.

Tell me again, why they’re called pro-life?


‘New’ business opportunity? I thought that was what the article was about.

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God it’s just so cruel. I feel like there is such a strange disconnect there - love the babies but hate the adults they grow into.

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I blame the mechanism by which we find babies cute.


Well, not exactly - I suspect the profit-making is being done by fellow travelers who are giving what they think is effective advice…

  1. Talk people into not having abortions through whatever means are most effective.
  2. Set up business geared towards connecting ‘desirable’ babies with adoptive parents. Abandon the rest.
  3. ???
  4. Profit!!
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Awful. Like a real world, female version of gamergate harassment.

Most babies, as long as they are not overly hungry, tired, or cranky – which to be fair is a lot of the time, it’s hard to be zero years old – are actually quite pleasant individuals. Fun, even. Joy is literally baked into us. It is when we get older and start having all those damn opinions that our problems start.