Visiting a "ProLife Training Camp" for young people

It’s mindboggling to me that the churches have anything to say at all on the matter. Biblically speaking, a fetus isn’t even considered alive until it’s born and “receives the breath of life” anyway.

Additionally the bible also has a ritual, demanded by god himself that is used specifically to abort fetuses in the case of suspected adultery.

If anything the christians are anti-biblical on this one.

Pack of fucking hypocrites who don’t even read the book they claim is inerrant and completely 100% “true” for varying and arbitrary interpretations and definitions of true. Pi equaling 3 is in fact “metaphorically true”, although what the metaphor is supposed to be is beyond any pastor I’ve asked. “Rabbits chew their cud” is another favorite. They certainly don’t chew their cud. They do however exhibit autocoprophagy. Desert shepherds who actually spend a lot of time with their animals know the difference between regurgitating and chewing, and defecating then eating the shit.


That’s presumptuous. First we have to determine whether they are pro-life in the first place, before we can assess the reasons for such a stance.

All evidence points to them actually not being pro-life, but rather anti-woman’s-rights.


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