Motorcyclist provides clear evidence of undeniable supremacy


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Does he get back up from it is the question.


It takes a true innovator to attempt the Wall of Death without the wall.


Look Mom! No…


What exactly is happening here? Is this college for motorcycle stunt people?

The persons head is almost rolled over by another motorcycle, and then that person lays down their bike like “I give up!”. Its more like stunt clown college.


I can’t touch your toes either, for what it’s worth.


Ill bet he goes through a lot of helmets that way…


That’s what she said.


“I can’t even touch my toes.”

How do you wash your feet?


Hokey-pokey in the bathtub?


Squid! Save that behavior for the track!


Motorcyclist provides clear evidence of undeniable supremacy

“So tell me, what are your qualifications for admission to Harvard?”

“I can ride my motorcycle in a tight turn and keep my body only millimeters off the ground.”

“You’re in with a full scholarship, my boy!”


“Oh and my family can afford to buy me lots of practice motorcycles and I use the runway that we keep a helicopter incase I get hurt. You know, a private care flight team.”

“Oh … so you are Phi Beta Kappa, too!”


This RUINS the helmet…


Sounds fair to me.


I hope they have frame sliders.


You’re a Yalie, right?

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