Movie poster for The Double


Cool, I’m very interested to see a film by Richard Ayoade! I’m curious as to how his humour will show through the piece. Much anticipation.

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Very cool!

Richard Ayoade is best known as Moss from The I.T. Crowd (and does a lot of British comedy panel shows) but also directed the film Submarine in 2010. @uniqueusername if you like his humor (or humour) check out Submarine, the film may not be exactly what you expect but his personality totally shines through - wasn’t perfect but very entertaining and a very strong and promising debut. Definitely looking forward to this one. Looks like Chris O’Dowd is in it, as well as Wallace Shawn - inconceivable.

“Say my name. Say it!”
“You’re Eisenberg.”

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As he is an Englishman, humour seemed more appropriate.

Alternate plot for Fight Club?

Have you seen ‘Submarine?’ It is his feature directorial debut. A fantastic film!
(He also directed the Community episode which is a riff on My Dinner With Andre)

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I will be sure to check it out!

Empire Design also did the poster for Oblivian.

When will it be released in US, anyone know?

How about The Watch?

Submarine was a real treat!

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