Movie poster for The Double




Cool, I'm very interested to see a film by Richard Ayoade! I'm curious as to how his humour will show through the piece. Much anticipation.


Very cool!

Richard Ayoade is best known as Moss from The I.T. Crowd (and does a lot of British comedy panel shows) but also directed the film Submarine in 2010. @uniqueusername if you like his humor (or humour) check out Submarine, the film may not be exactly what you expect but his personality totally shines through - wasn't perfect but very entertaining and a very strong and promising debut. Definitely looking forward to this one. Looks like Chris O'Dowd is in it, as well as Wallace Shawn - inconceivable.


"Say my name. Say it!"
"You're Eisenberg."


As he is an Englishman, humour seemed more appropriate.


Alternate plot for Fight Club?


Have you seen 'Submarine?' It is his feature directorial debut. A fantastic film!
(He also directed the Community episode which is a riff on My Dinner With Andre)


I will be sure to check it out!


Empire Design also did the poster for Oblivian.


When will it be released in US, anyone know?


How about The Watch?


Submarine was a real treat!


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