Mozilla's Firefox & Apple's Safari browsers add anti-Facebook and Google privacy protections


One of the things i hate about Chrome is that if i’m signed into browser-sync (using my gmail account) it keeps that gmail account logged in for browser sessions. I’m a Firefox-clear-history-on-exit user and always sign out when i’ve finished with my sessions. Why Chrome had to link browser-sync with browser sessions i don’t know.

Well actually we do know but there should be the option to separate these.


Since I mostly use Pale Moon, I can’t install Ghostery. This turns out not to be a bad thing as uBlock Origin pretty much does the same thing without Ghostery’s baggage.


So from the other side of things…I build and run all the client-facing websites for a midsize organization. The communications team insists on embedding google analytics and are totally seduced by the fine-grained user tracking and pretty graphs. I could give two shits, and we don’t use the data for anything that we can’t get from server logs. When I try to point this out, I can’t make it past the “well, everyone else does it” wall when making the privacy case. I don’t want to push too hard. as I already, ironically, have a reputation as the office troglodyte…


Anyone use Opera? Seems to have a few basic ad-blocking/privacy settings. But I’m no expert on how this stuff really works under the hood.


Facebook Container for Firefox has been handy. It means I can leave myself signed in between visits, without having to worry about my movements being tracked across the rest of the web by snooping “like” buttons…

No more two factor authentication every time I need to check what time the party is going to start.

I really wish they would bring out Facebook Container for Firefox for Android. I don’t have FB installed on my phone (mostly just out of principal I suppose), and it would be nice to be able to stay signed in in my mobile browser as well.


Facebook part is easy peasy. Just don’t use Facebook.


Duck Duck Go is really good. However, the only good way to view maps is in Google. Is there another way to access maps and the data embedded other than google? I don’t know of one.


Duck Duck Go Goosey… got it? :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve had DDG set as my default search in Safari for ages, there is one forum I spend a lot of time on which is plagued by popups and ads, using DDG blocks all of those, makes the site far, far easier and nicer to use.


Change the search engine in Safari. I occasionally use Google Chrome on my Mac Mini, but that’s very, very rarely, on my pad and phone I’ve had DDG set as default search in Safari for ages, I’ve yet to notice any significant issues with it, in fact it’s an absolute blessing on some sites which are overwhelmed with ads and popups, they just disappear using DDG as search.


The Open Street Map project has gotten a lot better the last few years but it still has a ways to go before teh Goog gets worried.


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