MPAA targeted subreddit is an overnight sensation



Well hello there Miss Streisand.


On a related note, there’s a fork of PopcornTime or whatever that comes with a free, built-in VPN. Not sure you can trust a free VPN to not keep records or to be very fast, but this is quite a development for perhaps novice pirates to get lost under the radar of the watchful MPAA eye and no longer be on the receiving end of DMCA notices.

I almost wonder if the MPAA will try to outlaw VPNs instead of finally offering more timely content with a cheap, quick and easy to download model that doesn’t penalize people for paying?

In other words, not learn a damn thing and keep charging too much for downloads with draconian limits on which devices you can play them on, share them on and when you can watch them, etc.

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I think those images are copyrighted.

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Yes, but I’ll let Disney use them anyway.

By the way, see if you can find a higher resolution image of the underwater top image anywhere on the Internet (that’s not up-sampled). :smiley: There’s still some scarcity on the Internet. Hee. :slight_smile:


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