Piracy vs the MPAA: yet another box-office record smashed

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To be clear: Straight Outta Compton did not make $2 billion. It made $60 million in its opening weekend, which pushed Universal’s YTD income to over $2 billion.


Straight Outta Compton made 60.2 Million (still very respectable) … never mind see above from @nungesser)


Pfft you accountants are so damn fussy. It ends in illion isn’t that enough?

Isn’t it odd that, at the very same time, CD sales are in the toilet due to piracy?


Yeah, but due to Hollywood accounting I’m betting Universal will report a net loss to the IRS this year.


I’m definitely not pro MPAA but this argument doesn’t make a ton of sense to me. As anybody who regularly bittorrents knows the community is mostly all about quality downloads. The only downloads you can get while the movie is in theaters (except for screeners during Oscar season) are cams and cams are GARBAGE. So, piracy doesn’t really affect ticket sales, it affects DVD/Download/Streaming sales (although I have no idea how much).


Or due to the non-pirate contracts the labels signed with streaming services.

Agreed, although I’ve found that (often) younger are happier to find those dodgy streaming sites & will watch off their laptop, so quality may be less of an issue there.

That their laptops end up filled with malware is probably a side effect the MPAA can live with.

What do you expect them to say and do?
They have to keep the pressure on. Convince you to pay for Netflix or iTunes.

The Fear is required.

With a little care, the malware thing is not an issue.

Just never download and exe or zip file.
If a file asks you to download a codec or asks for a password, throw it in the recycling bin.

There. Simple rules for the virus free pirate.


I got concerned when I saw a family member watching something on one of those sites with flashing ads everywhere and nary an adblock in sight. No idea what kind of drive-by crap they’d already had foisted upon them.

Yeah, that might keep you safe from the obvious stuff. But it’s not going to protect you from most of the malware generally.

You’ll need adblocking, and a script whitelist like NoScript, you’ll need to use a sandboxed browser, and even then some nasties know how to scale the walls of the most popular sandboxes.

Really, you should resign yourself to accepting the risk of malware, and scan your stuff regularly. You can keep your machines relatively clean while frequenting these sites, and using tools like NoScript can do a lot to protect you. You can choose to only allow the domains that are absolutely necessary for serving out the flash player etc. But there’s still no telling what’s getting served out of that domain along with the flash player, until after you’ve already downloaded the code.

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The fact that it’s illegal proves that it’s dangerous!

If marijuana weren’t so deadly, then why would police want all those powers to detain and search people?

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