Ms. magazine's most sexist ads



Every summer, I see this billboard: “Your wife is HOT. Get your air-conditioning fixed!”


I’m surprised the Kelly Services Never-Never Girl ad didn’t show up. It might be mild by comparison, but it is still within the same league.

One day I’ll stop thinking Mitch O’Connell is a Kentucky Senator. Today is not that day.

I have the same problem with confusing Al and Alexis Madrigal.

This has got Lou Avery’s lazy paws all over it.

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So that’s where the Boehners come from.

Your wife is HOT. Get your air-conditioning fixed!

Or menopause medication:

Your wife is still hot, only it comes in flashes.

How would making good coffee garner a promotion to a position where she doesn’t have to make coffee any more?

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