Multi-torrent search engine resurrects dead links with Google cache




I just tried a random torrent and got an unpleasant .exe file. It’s shady as fuck.


Which site was it downloaded from? As far as I can tell, it’s simply a proxy with its own (occasional) backups.


Kickass (yeah, I know). There’s some outrage in the comments about shady links as well. I might try some others & see what happens.
(EDIT: getting the same nasty exe when asking for magnets from ‘’. New tab opens offering the links from It’s shady)


We’ll keep an eye on this one.


Colour me surprised.


For DHT torrents (i.e., not necessarily one with a tracker, but can include public trackers that allow DHT), the best site I’ve come across is . Definitely worth checking out if you’re a BitTorrent user!

(Have to use magnate links, of course.)


In which case, you’d be able to just buy the studio and be done with it!


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