Music: "Crazy In The Night," Kim Carnes (1985)


I don’t remember the song–it’s a pleasant discovery–but I do remember the HBO Video Jukebox, which was filler between movies. Specifically I remember my best friend’s father complaining, “I don’t pay extra for this channel just so we can watch GODDAMN MUSIC VIDEOS.”

Now of course you don’t see music videos on HBO. Between movies they just have GODDAMN COMMERCIALS.

I love the Gilbert and Sullivan style chorus.

I had totally forgotten about that song. The forgotten minor hit of hers I usually think of is this:


Oh my, this little Kim Carnes nostalgia trip has led down a fascinating rabbit hole to a weirdly wonderful song, She Dances With Meat, which she recorded under a psuedonym:

“She’s tried everything from bananas to toast
But nothing beats cheek to cheek with a rump roast…”


Carnes and Rod Stewart have the same voice. I remember they did a duet of Tonight’s the Night on the Midnight Special back in the day, if I hadn’t been watching I would have thought Stewart had laid down two tracks.

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I searched for years to find this song on 45. No idea why I was so fond of it, but I just loved it.

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“There’s a monster on my ceiling, there’s a monster on the wall. There are thousands in the closet, now they’re coming down the hall”

That’s nothing:


I vaguely remember this song, or at least the chorus.

Similar idea, different group:

(BTW: their invisible horn section sounds great in this video)

Oh my that takes me back. I first heard that one watching Dynaman, part of USA’s parade of weirdness Night Flight back in the late 80’s. It was part of the soundtrack of the episode “The Last Adventure of Spunky The Wonder Squid”.

Sadly that was also the last episode of Dynaman, which was purchased by another US market and revamped as The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

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