Music: "Mockingbird," Carly Simon and James Taylor (1979)

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OK so here’s the thing. There isn’t a piece of music I hate more than this. It’s bad enough when parents sing it to babies. As a smug pop hit, it’s unbearable.


Boy, what a pooper. There I was ruminating on my 70’s teenage self underappreciated how sexy Carly was!


I didn’t know this was an actual song until well after 1994. I thought only someone like the writers/comedians of Dumb and Dumber could come up with such a stupid, annoying song.

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I first heard of this version from National Lampoon’s Vacation when they were singing it in the car. It’s a perfect illustration of grating parental songs on car trips.


Man what a performance! Thanks, Jason for posting this.

James Taylor (& the Grateful Dead) make(s) me love the US–and my memories there as a teenager in the 80s. Little else at the moment generates such positive emotions when it comes to our Big Brother across the pond.

The video flags up ads for senior cruises…whatever that says about me or the performance. Really those watching Carly Simon & James Taylor are now cruising around the Bahamas? What has the world come to…

Absolutely horrible song. Possibly worse than Camp Town Ladies…

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