Music: "Wild World," Maxi Priest (1988)


I always forget about the Cat Stevens version, frankly. Mostly because this version came out when I was 10, and Cat Stevens did his before I was born.

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“But just remember there’s a lot of bad AIR beware”?
I recall this track. Great rhythm, but that bit always grated me.
Cat Stevens version for me.

music nostalgia question: is there any program or service that let’s you select a playlist based on year? whether from your own collection or streaming service?

would be interesting go spend a few weeks going through every year of the 1980s.* Not just the hits, but everything released in that year.

*or 19A0s.

I believe iTunes has smart playlists, where you can pick all music from your collection from a given decade. Haven’t used iTunes in quite some time though so I may be misremembering. MediaMonkey definitely does, that’s what I use to organize my local collection… And you can actually specify exact start and end dates if you want, which is a bit more fine-grained than I would need. No idea for streaming services though.

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