Musical instrument mimics almost any other instrument




So it’s a Yamaha EZAG with a modern soundchip and a smaller body?



Where’s my theremin addon?





And by the by, this is the type of stuff that keeps me reading BoingBoing.

It’s cute, but not revolutionary. People have been making MIDI controllers that go far beyond what this does for a long time (though, to be fair, most of them are significantly more than $300). What it does do is do a whole bunch of different stuff, but personally, I’m a lot more interested in something that does one thing really well than something that does a lot of things kind of passably.


At that price point it’s kind of neat. But being IOS-centric is a deal-breaker. “Experimental” Android implementations tend to be “barely functional, if you’re lucky” implementations.

Even without that, I have other doubts. I have a Keith McMillen K-Board for my setup at home, and neither the velocity sensitivity nor the tilt/pressure sensitivity are very consistent. I’d want to at least see some independent video reviews of the thing, if I couldn’t actually get my hands on one to try out, before plunking down $300.

“traditionally an instrument is played in one way”

That will be news to a great many musicians who have learned multiple ways to play the same instrument.


I was thinking, a guitar can also be played in all of those ways, but a good one costs a good deal more than this gizmo. Then again, you can’t claim you kickstarted the guitar.

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I like the look of this thing; it looks fun. I would like to have one, although it’s somewhat out of ‘impulse buy’ territory.

However - that video. It almost feels like a parody of Kickstarter videos.

This comment from Crashproof about sums it up for me. The ergonomics of the design have some appeal, but this is nothing but an expensive toy as it is severely lacking open connectivity. If this had a simple, professional, open standard midi connection instead of being tied to an operating environment for proprietary toys then the price point might be justified. A breath controller would open it up to a whole new range of instrument imitation as well that could further justify the cost.

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