Arpeggio, a new instrument for composing, saving, and performing melodies

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Isn’t it a shame that no one writes melodies any more? Just little 3-4 note ‘snippets’ that get strung together and you’ve got a ‘song’. Sigh…I can remember the days when ‘music’ was really MUSIC!

@jlw. I used to have the VL-1 as well. Great fun. There’s an emulator available too.


Interesting for sure. Certainly a different beast than an OP1, but it looks very playable.
Can’t wait to try one. Until then, I’m immensely enjoying my Arpie I bought from Tindie.
Anyone who wants an external Arpeggiator should check it out.

Yeah whatever Grandad :smiling_imp:

Of course you’re absolutely right :kissing_heart:

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