This gadget turns your air guitar into actual music


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The only thing more embarrassing than air-guitar is if it makes a noise as well.


Yeah, if I’m going to annoy everyone and look like a nerd*, I’m going to do it with a theremin.

*classical violin trained individuals don’t count.


So you can play the instrument without the instrument huh? Some day you may not even have to play the air instrument. Some day you may be able to simply press a button and the song plays itself!


That’s crazy talk!


You make baby Jean Michel Jarre cry into his laser harps.


“Experience the thrill of making music” without actually making music.


Way back when, I had a program for my Amiga 2000 that turned your mouse movements into music, in real time. It was practically impossible to make something that sounded bad.


There’s no way this could possibly go wrong.


I like how the video on the product page does not contain any actual footage of someone using the thing.

How much is being the new SkyMall contributing to BoingBoing’s bottom line, anyway? Every time I see something like this, I ask myself why I keep coming here. Admittedly y’all have got to do something to make money, I know I run adblockers.



This one is almost totally unlistenable:


But it worked for Bill and Ted.


Maybe it can change the world?

…I got no better ideas. At least this provides some fun…


Holy crap, that link should come with a warning. It damaged my frontal lobe.


On early Macs it was MusicMouse, by Laurie Spiegel. Lost my last PPC OSX10.4 machine last year and have really missed MM since then.


This gadget turns your air guitar into actual music.


I doubt anyone would call it “music”.



Cool. A Heavy Metal Mandolin. :metal: