Violinist imitates car alarm sounds

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Super cute. Thanks for posting.


FYI, check out her other videos, she does mostly violin covers of video game music and is very talented.


I kinda feel bad for her neighbors…


Reminds me of finding out I could create an air raid siren using the violin on iOS Garageband by dragging my finger along a single string and back down again (pushed through a decent speaker and it’s enough to get a few people look panicked – not that I’ve tried ahem)

I’ve wondered if it’s possible to recreate the sound with a real violin, though.


Sounds like the



If I had thought of this I probably would have stuck with the violin and not quit after one year. Or maybe not. My teacher was an asshole and not very big on teaching and I was still stuck playing pizzicati at the end of the year.

Just a couple of years ago I told a violin teacher that after a year of instruction I was still stuck playing pizzicati after a year of violin instruction. She doubled over laughing and kept repeating how funny that was and how terrible I must have been.

It must just be a coincidence that I met a second violin teacher who was also an asshole. #notallviolinteachers


Now I know the answer to the question “What is worse than living next to somebody learning to play the violin?”.


That’s a no-brainer: someone learning the bagpipes. They sound like an air raid siren to start with.


I like the Essential Skill tag on this post.

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Now all I have to do is modify my car alarm to emit this violin imitation and the circle will be complete.

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I recently bought a fife…

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Count yourself lucky. I wasted 7 years of my youth trying to get a decent note out of one of those infernal contraptions until I tried a synthesiser. The violin lessons ended very shortly afterwards…


What is the difference between a violin and a trampoline?

You take your shoes off to jump on a trampoline.


For some reason, God know’s why, the violin seems to be considered a great starter instrument. It was the only instrument on offer at my Primary school, and now it’s the same with my kids!!! The technique is such a barrier on those things.

I have sworn none of my kids will start on violin. Piano or a fretted instrument only!!! My son is doing well on piano already, he would have given up and gone back to Minecraft if we’d started him on violin, I’m sure of it!!!

Anyway. Not that I’m bitter.


OK I know this will sound like I am making it up at this point, but bagpipes were another one of my youthful instrumental misadventures. We knew people 5 blocks away who commented on my practising!

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My mom was a professional concert pianist, so my sister and I learned that first. I branched out into the trumpet and my sister into the French horn. I flirted with the violin (and my sister with the the viola), but quickly learned I would never be out-fiddling the Devil.

As adults, we’ve both taken up the guitar. I played keyboard for several friends bands in high school and college, and recently I’ve gotten back into very occasional gigging. As I get older, lugging a keyboard around is becoming less appealing, so I figured I should gain competence on a more portable instrument.

These days most of my music is playing with soft-synths doing electronic composition. But my wife got me a super-cool wireless MIDI pickup for my guitar, so now I’m a lot more motivated to improve my fretwork. Electronic music is where it’s at, IMHO.

That said, some people do amazing things with electric violins…

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Similar! My Mum was an opera singer, but she was a fair pianist too. My sister got the piano lessons though, and hated them! I played violin in the school band in high school in my first year, but at our first concert the pickup on the violin was feeding back uncontrollably. The keyboard player from the main band showed me the line I was playing on his synth, it took five minutes and it was the best the song had ever sounded. So long violin!!! I’m self taught on everything after that though, my technique is appalling but I have a kind of Robin Guthrie thing going on.

Mainly VSTs now, but I have gone a little crazy with guitars over the last few months, and have a half decent rig now. The difference between a miked amplifier and an amp simulator VST is very marked, I’m having a lot of fun with it!

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This was my X-mas present:

It’s far from perfect, and takes some finesse. The main issue I’m having is harmonic “ghost” notes show up in the MIDI stream. Plus it’s kind of hassle to install, though if you take your time and you’re at all handy, you can get it on most guitars (I put it on a Gibson Les Paul which has kind of an odd-shaped body, but I think it would be easier to install on a flat-body guitar like a Strat or Tele or even most dreadnoughts). But the sheer fact that I can now control my whole VST library with my guitar makes it more than worth it :slight_smile:

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