MUST-SEE Zombie High: teen zombie romcom produced by Canadian high-schoolers


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Ambitious film and it’s got great music too.

Fantastic share Mr. Doctrow.

Almost freaky how many of those characters remind me of people in my class that would have played those same characters.

Darn. I’m trying to resist but …

Is it surprising that the stereotypical airheads also got the best costumes and by far the most kick-ass roles because … why else would a stereotypical airhead troupe condescend to take part in an A/V club project?

… sorry, but that was going through my head the whole time…
shit, now I’m one of those dang internet haters.

Let’s say that this is incisive meta-commentary. I’ll go with that.

Did you guys see the same film I did? It was abysmal! Do not watch!

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