'What is Fashion,' awesomely dorky 1984 high school student video project


I don’t remember Duran Duran having a horn section.

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Someone should do this at Antioch high school now.

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i would dearly love to see this juxtaposed with interviews with each of these people now. i’m dying to know how they turned out. my guess is all the women who were considered “punk” and “new wave” back then turned out pretty cool. actually, all of these kids seemed pretty cool.


That was adorable! I remember every one of those kids, just different ones!

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this is gold.

pure gold.

Antioch High School? Antioch, CA… Antioch, TN?

Holy Moly, I was in high school in Waco, TX back then and I don’t remember a soul with teeth as, well… awkward, as any of these kids. Hair? sure… I did have a 13-inch fin at one point.

Trust me kids, no one was looking at your clothing or hair.

It’s a little weird to realize that they’re all mid- to late-40s now. Some of these kids are probably grandparents, and may have been for a while (hell, I’m 39, and a few of my old friends will be grandparents really soon)

I’m pretty impressed with the quality! Well done!

I was in high school in 1984. Between that experience and what I see today, these kids all look pretty normal to me.

The intense pressure to conform is palpable here, like in so many American teen dramas…

Reminds me of this.

i’m late 40s now, and i could not imagine me or any of my friends being grandparents, but i’m sure it’s possible… shudder


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