My annual Daddy-Daughter Xmas Podcast: interview with an 11-year-old

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You call her Poe? That’s cool!

That opening music is a bit scary though… :wink:

ETA: That was lovely! Happy Christmas to you all. Ringadingalingadingdongding

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Gorgeous cat! So much in common with my 11yr old daughter half way round the world, funny little details.


That was a fun listen! She threw me for a loop when you asked about her favorite musicians. The 52-year-old me thought she was about to say Billy Idol. Haha!


I have been barred from making jokes about her cousin Timmy Noseless


I’ve got an 11 year old, not quite 12, myself. And wow, do they sound the same. That’s cool you’re doing that, @doctorow, I started to do that years ago with my now-16 yr old, but the audio recordings didn’t get very far, we didn’t stick with it. Might have to look back into doing it. Thanks for the inspiration!

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Happy holidays to you and your entire family. From the sound of things, next year Poesy will be in charge of the Xmas podcast!


Cory, thanks for all you do. Been following you and reading your books since you were first posting them online.

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