12-year-old ukulele player wows judges on America's Got Talent


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The unicorn chaser we all need about now


She was so nervous! When she gets a little more experience, imagine how much ass she’s gonna kick!


The best thing about the world is fantastically talented people like her.


I am not wowed by an Adele impersonation.


I know, right? And her mother dresses her funny, booo!


The unfortunate part is that now she will be owned, contractually, by Simon Cowell until she’s 36.


I love this so much. Her timing was very sophisticated.


when you manage to be a dick when Cowell passes up the opportunity you’ve really achieved something


That kid is great… and yes this is good to see with the other stuff that has been going on.


If you don’t have something nice to say…


Let Simon Cowell say it?



i really liked her song and sound. reminded me of passenger meets adel. i predict she will go far.


I think your Amazing!!!you have a long career ahead of you,can’t wait to hear more from you :slight_smile: :-)!! Best wishes


Indeed! Very refreshing!


I think the title should be 12-year-old singer/songwriter instead. That’s where she really stood out as more than your average 12yo.


That VanderWaal’s a real force of nature.

I’m here all week.


Technically speaking its more of a Fiona Apple impersonation. She has the same off kilter warble in her voice and bass tone in her sound. You could also here this same style or influence in anything from Billie Holiday, Bessie Smith, Norah Jones, Amy Winehouse, Esperanza Spaulding, and the singer she most notably resembles Madeleine Peyroux.

She doesn’t sound like Adele in the slightest given that Adele has a massive booming voice and her vocal builds move at light speed and are smooth and silky. Adele fits the mold of Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James and Dinah Washington, the other notable Reality competition singer who fit this mold to a tee is Jennifer Hudson.

Now that the jazz vocal education is done. I can also point out that the comment made is in its essence belittling a 12 year old child. A CHILD. Who had the courage to stand up on a stage on national television and expose her raw talent to the world. Any person who feels its acceptable to ridicule or shame her or demean or diminish that accomplishment alone is nothing short of vile.

no. go away.


I know! The audience was just drawn in by her energy.

It seems weird that the same performance can repel some people though…